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Algal blooms can be found in fresh, salt or brackish water where algae is multiplying quickly. They are temporary and can occur at different times but more so in the summer and early fall in Florida.. They may appear as discolored water, foam, scum, and have dead fish and odors around the water. They are harmful when they produce toxins which is not detectable by sight. This can cause serious illness and death. Exposure can come from swimming or drinking the water, licking feet after walking through infected areas, or from eating the algae or dead fish. 

Symptoms of toxicity may include lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, yellow membranes, dark urine, weakness, drooling and seizures. If you suspect your pet has been in contact with this algae, wash with clean water immediately. If ingested call Edgewood Animal Clinic immediately. If after hours contact Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

Prevention starts with keeping dogs away from infected ponds or bodies of water where algae is present. Do not let them drink water from these areas and wash feet if come in contact with.  You CANNOT tell if a bloom is toxic by looking at it so remember -WHEN IN DOUBT-KEEP THEM OUT!

For further details go to :    FloridaHealth.gov/environmental-health/aquatic-toxins