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Wellness Care


Edgewood Animal Clinic's primary focus is to prevent (rather than treat) disease. Regular, comprehensive, and wellness exams allow Dr. David Lee to discuss any concerns you may have and may help us recognize problems early, giving us the opportunity to prevent or treat problems before they become too advanced.

Generally Dr. Lee examines your pet once yearly when certain vaccinations may be needed.  The exam includes, but is not limited to a thorough search for any visible abnormalities such as a generalized skin disease, ingrown or split toenails, dental issues involving broken teeth or gingivitis, eye infections or lens changes, ears being infection free, parasite problems, etcetera. 

Internal exams can include palpitation of the kidneys, spleen, liver, and reproductive organs along with the gastrointestinal tract. Older pets may need an exam performed twice yearly in order to address problems that may occur sooner. See the Senior Wellness information on this site to further understand care of your senior pet and Edgewood Animal Clinic's recommendations.

Dr. David Lee does thorough wellness and comprehensive exams prior to any procedures such as vaccinations, illness and surgeries.