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Guide to Pet Weight Management


Our pets are increasingly becoming over-weight to obese in America. Over abundance of food and reduction in exercise and activity has our pets out of shape with increased medical problems. They are at risk for knee and hip injuries, poor grooming habits, stress on internal organs such as heart and pancreas, poor quality of life and shortened life spans.

We have a weight reduction program that gradually decreases your pet's caloric intake while increasing activity for well being .We encourage visits from weekly to monthly to record weight loss progress; along with proper instructions on healthy snacks and maintenance foods once goals are reached.

We carry Hills Science and Prescription Diets that are tailored to fit your pet's lifestyle.  There are calorie restricting diets such as R/D for the obese pet to begin by reducing fat calories and increasing fiber content.  Along with physical exercise such as beginning with short walks to increasing play activity, your pet will soon show signs of healthier physique and increased energy.  Once an optimum weight loss is achieved, Hills W/D is a wonderful maintenance diet that the pet can remain on indefinitely.  If your pet is just slightly over-weight, the newest product available is Hills Metabolic Diet which works with the metabolism in burning fat calories. They make low calorie treats for these pets also!

Our goal is to keep your pet at a healthy weight for their longevity and your happiness.