Edgewood Animal Clinic

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Surgical Services


Dr Lee performs a Feline Ovariohysterectomy


Edgewood Animal Clinic offers surgical services for soft tissue procedures such as ovariohysterectomy (spay), orchidectomy (neuter), mass/growth excisions, abscess/wound debridement, urolithiasis (bladder stone removal), hernia repair, unilateral and bilateral entropion (facial fold), hematoma surgery, stenotic nares, removal of gingivial hyperplasia, exploratory surgeries (such as foreign body blockage), and some orthopedic surgeries.

In order to ensure  your pets' safety, pre-anesthetic blood tests and a preliminary EKG is performed to ensure health of patient. Dr. David Lee also performs a pre-surgical exam on all pets to be anesthetized.  Medications are then administered to relax the pet prior to full sedation and intubation. Catheters are placed to deliver IV fluids during pet's procedure. This increases blood flow for optimal healing.

Safe, modern anesthetics along with comprehensive anesthesia monitoring are used to insure the satey of your pet. EKG's, blood gases, temperatures and pulse rates are monitored and recorded throughout an entire procedure. Heating devices and continual monitoring is maintained through the recovery process by our certified veterinary technicians.  Comfort levels are evaluated post-op for additional treatment.

At home care will be discussed when pet is discharged along with any medications necessary to alleviate discomfort. Proper home care is imperative to quality healing without complications from too much activity, improper handling, feeding, etc. Written instructions will accompany all surgical releases.