Edgewood Animal Clinic

1708 East Edgewood Drive
Lakeland, FL 33803




Services & Supplies


Wellness Care
Preventative wellness exams

Internal Medicine
Keeping pets healthy inside out!

Pain Control
Pain Management- No gain when in pain

Dental Prophylaxis
Oral ATP which includes digital oral x-rays, scaling & polishing, fluoride/sealants, and home dental care.


Preventative vaccinations are tailored to your pet's specific needs.

Radiology and Ultrasound
Radiology and Ultrasound

In-House Laboratory
Lab tests available with immediate results

Avian / Exotic Medicine
Pets seen include ferrets,rabbits, sugargliders, turtles, tortoise, lizards, hamsters, rats, hedgehogs, and pet birds.

Flea / Tick Control
External parasite control of the pet and environment

Weight Management
Weight Watchers for pets!!

Boarding and daycare

Pet Care Products
High quality products to help you take care of your pet.

Hills Science Diets
Wellness and Therapeutic Diets

Drop-off Services
Drop-off pet service

Senior Wellness
Information on treating senior pets.

Discount Services
Various discounts available

Laser Therapy Treatment
Informational link and video.  

Endoscopy / Otoscopy
Internal Video Treatments  

End of Life / Euthanasia