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Senior Wellness


Graying can begin as early as 6 years old in some breeds. Lens changes and cataracts casue limited sight.


Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, research, technology and dietary habits, our pets are living longer and healthier lives then ever before. Because of this we are now faced with a whole new set of age related changes to include: Osetoarthritis, kidney, heart or liver disease, tumors and cancers, diabetes, thyroid imbalance, weight increase or decrease, mobility changes, behavioral concerns such as irritability, or aggression, and dental disease.

Edgewood Animal Clinic is an accredited member of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). To help guide veterinary hospitals like ours, AAHA has issued a set of guidelines for Senior Pet Care. The guidelines help us to provide optimum health care for our "Senior" pets!! 

Scheduling twice yearly pet wellness visits is one of the most important steps for an owner of a mature pet. Senior care is necessary to detect and delay the onset or progress of disease, and for the early detection of underlying problems such as kidney or heart failure and osteoarthritis.

Edgewood Animal Clinic also belongs to  the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and they have similar guidelines and recommendations along with a wealth of information for our "gently aging" pets!


Because pets age faster than humans (one year is equal to five to seven pet years), Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends healthy senior dogs and cats visit us every six months for a complete exam and evaluation to make recommendations for laboratory work such as urinalysis, blood work, vaccinations and parasite testing.

Other tests may be required if your pet is showing signs of illness or discomfort. Our diagnostic skills and equipment, combined with your observations and reporting, result in successful diagnosis and treatment for many age-related concerns.

Many times we can discover health issues just beginning with these senior pets, that might possibly turn into more serious problems if left undetected for more than six months. Early diagnosis can lead to medications that will delay the progression of certain life threatening diseases or can make the arthritic pet more comfortable through their remaining years.

Giving our senior pets better quality of life is our goal in senior wellness exams thus allowing you to enjoy your "family member" for many happy years to come!