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Saying Goodbye to Our Best Friends



This is a difficult part of your pet's care they sometimes have to depend on us for.  Many reasons can present themselves for having to make this difficult decision to humanely euthanize your pet. Often times we have taken such wonderful care of our pets with good food, regular veterinary services and a wonderful environment to love them in, that a pet's normal life expectancy has lengthened over the years. Many pets are now living well into the "teen" years, therefore experiencing more "old age" problems such as cancer, heart and kidney disease. Veterinary research has afforded pets to live longer with therapeutic drugs and treatments but not always with quality of life. This term varies in each pet's case. Dr. David Lee will never make this decision for you but will give you knowledgeable council on your pet's level of quality of life and whether their pain and/or suffering is manageable or not. We do not make these decisions lightly and always offer second opinions with specialists if the case warrants.

Once the decision to humanely euthanize is reached, several decisions must be made. Each case is individualized and honored per clients choices. Many people wish to say goodbye to their pet while alive and leave them with us. Some wish to be present through the entire procedure. Edgewood Animal Clinic believes in dignity in death and we provide mild sedation before euthanasia to alleviate any stressful situations that could arise from this emotional time. Once the pet is in the sedative state Dr. Lee will administer the final injection through a previously placed catheter.

Several options remain for final rest of the pets remains. Some people that own their own property wish to bury them at home. We partner with Pet Angel, that will cremate the pet and the ashes can then be returned to the owners or spread on private farmland. Lakeland Memorial Gardens also offers private burial at their facility.

Most people don't make these types of decisions until presented with that final choice. It is not an easy decision to make and we try our best to make it as informative, dignified and loving that your pet and you deserve.