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Puppy & Kitten Plans


Dr. David Lee examins this cute chocolate Lab.


Edgewood Animal Clinic offers a discounted price when you plan your new fur baby's first year of veterinary visits.  Normally a new puppy or kitten is seen by the doctor once a month from as young as six weeks old until they are six months old. During this time the pets vaccinations and deworming will take place. Dr. David Lee will examine the pet every month it comes in to assure it is healthy and progressing normally. Technicians will discuss various forms of preventative for heartworm and flea control with the first months' treatment given at eight weeks of age. Other topics will be discussed such as house training, acceptable behavior, obedience classes and correct nutritional guidelines. A complimentary bag of Hills Science Diet will accompany your first visit.

There are two separate plans depending on your choice of neutering your pet or not. Most breeds will have this surgery when they turn six months of age but we allow the larger breeds to wait up to one year of age. We highly recommend neutering your pet to achieve a healthy and enjoyable animal for many years. Also included in our plans are microchips for your pet. We will complete their last visit in the plan with this injection that provides unalterable and permanent identification of your pet to you.

These plans are designed for complete payment with the first appointment that will save you a great deal compared to "pay as you go" with each separate appointment. We can discuss what will best fit your lifestyle and your pet's wellbeing. Please call to further discuss pricing and appointment availability.