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Pet Insurance Options


Edgewood Animal Clinic does not endorse any one particular insurance company listed below. What we do recommend is that you find one company and plan that works best for you and your needs for your pet's protection. We understand that you never expect your pet to experience major medical emergencies or illness, but like our own insurance plans, they give us peace of mind to financially manage problems. If an accident or illness occurs, your pet can receive the best care available with less financial strain than what could happen without insurance. Explore each company, and there are many more besides these listed, to become familiar with the different options available for you. Keep in mind that pet insurance can be tailored to best fit your financial capabilities. Please search each company listed below for education and free quotes on their plans they have available for your pets. It may just save your pet's life!   This link may also help you to review companies.


VPI Insurance

ASPCA Insurance

Pets Best Insurance

Trupanion Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance

24 Petwatch Insurance

Figo Insurance