Edgewood Animal Clinic

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Lakeland, FL 33803




Pet Care Products


                 Ears to teeth to nails, we have quality products for every need.


Many products are available for the care of your pets whether it be for medically necessary treatments or just to make your life easier and your pets enjoyable.

Edgewood Animal Clinic's pharmacy contains numerous medications for many illness and maintenance health issues.  You are assured current dating for efficacy and quality product stored properly and maintained as manufactures specify. We continuously search for the best available medicine at reasonable prices and will substitute with generic when possible and recommended. The manufacturers we use stand behind their products 100%. In some cases such as Merials' Heartgard, when purchased from a veterinarian only, will pay for treatment in case infection ever occurs and proof of purchase and testing is submitted.

We offer a wide range of grooming products for bathing, conditioning, cut down on shedding, trimming nails, reducing odors, etc. After smelling good, comes looking good with our line of Lupine collars, harnesses and leashes that are 100% lifetime guaranteed. Many different sizes and colors to choose from.  Dietary products we use are the Hills Science and Prescription Diet lines. We like this product exclusively for our boarded pets and our own personal pets. Hills stands behind their products 100% and has very good value for your pet and your pocket!

We continue our education through articles, seminars, and maufacturers on new products and treatments available and many times our own pets experience a new product first to guarantee its efficacy and quality. We would not recommend a product for your use unless it worked sufficiently on our own!