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Pain Control


Edgewood Animal Clinic considers pain control a very important factor in our patients' well-being. Dr. Lee uses different medications and therapies designed to keep your pet as comfortable as possible. All surgical procedures are covered with pain management prior to and during the surgery including dental prophylaxis. Our newest procedure, Laser Therapy is included to help promote cell regeneration and reduction of inflammation, increasing healing time and decreasing pain.Continued medication is also prescribed for pet upon discharge when needed. Our veterinary staff believes  a comfortable pet heals quicker and there is no reason to be in pain.

Many of our senior pets experience chronic discomfort levels due to arthritis in aging joints. Dr. David Lee performs thorough diagnostic testing to detect areas of discomfort.  Sometimes this will include radiographs to measure severity of joint problems. There will possibly be laboratory work to maintain internal organ functions if long term medications are recommended.  Edgewood Animal Clinic has a wide variety of pharmaceutical products to maintain your pet's quality of life with as little discomfort as possible. We also have had recent success with the Laser Therapy, done in a number of treatments , on our arthritic pets. This could possibly be an alternative to medication  and surgery in some cases.