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Overpopulation Awareness



Stop the increase and avoidable deaths! Neutering Saves Lives!

Every year thousands of animals are destroyed in Polk County. This year alone, in only three months,  2,150 dogs were taken in to the shelter with 968 of those being euthanized.  Cats were even worse, 2,540 were taken in with 2,250 of them being euthanized!!!  Many of these deaths could have been avoided by neutering dogs and cats to slow down the numerous unwanted births. Finding puppies and kittens responsible owners that will take proper care of them by vaccinating, teaching obedience, preventing parasites and neutering these pets isn't easy. Many people don't understand the financial and time - consuming involvement of taking care of pets and end up surrendering them to pounds or rescue societies. Finding homes for pets that have already established bad habits or have medical issues is not easy.

Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends neutering all dogs and cats after six months of age, preferably before females' first heat cycle. This does not alter their behavior nor make them gain weight. This will keep males from pursuing and impregnating females in heat. Females stand the risk of mammary tumors, false pregnancy problems and Pyometras (infected uterus) that could be life threatening. Males could have testicular cancers in later life. The older the pet the higher these risks.

There are many unwanted pets in Polk County Shelters waiting with saddened eyes for someone to give them a chance at life and being a loving pet. Please consider adopting as opposed to purchasing. All shelters require their adoptions to be neutered before leaving. Otherwise please get your pets neutered, it's never too late.