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Tour of Edgewood Animal Clinic in Lakeland FL




Edgewood Animal Clinic in Lakeland FL offers an extensive pharmacy. 


Pharmaceuticals are very important in treatment and maintenance of medical conditions. Our extensive pharmacy allows the doctor to choose from an assortment of current medications, always keeping up with new forms of treatment available.
Many tablets are available in various flavored taste tabs to make administering easier for the pet and owner! 



Edgewood Animal Clinic offers surgery in a sterile environment with state of the art monitoring equipment. 


Surgery is performed in a sterile environment with state of the art monitoring equipment maintained by certified technicians. Warm circulating heating pads are placed under the pet while warm blankets and sterile drapes are covering them. Monitoring equipment provides second by second readings of heart rates, temperatures, blood gases, breathing patterns, etc. which are then recorded by the technicians in attendance throughout the entire surgery.  




Flea and Tick Control

We offer a wide variety of flea and tick products to suit you and your pet's needs. Flea control is practiced year round in Florida and we have products to make it as simple as once a month.

Good flea control means preventative maintenance before a problem arises. Monthly topical or oral products along with good grooming habits and environmental control are the keys to success.

Tablets, drops, sprays, shampoos, collars and powders are some of the many choices you have to meet your flea control needs and help keep your pet parasite free and healthy.

We offer expert advice as to what products are best for you and how to properly use them.



Veterinary endoscopy procedure used for retrieving foreign objects.


Endoscopy / Otoscopy

Endoscopy procedures help aid in the retrieval of foreign bodies in the stomach and/or intestines. It can also be used in the exploration of the stomach and digestive tract for possible abnormalities.

Pets are anesthetized and a small probe is inserted into the esophagus which provides a camera view on screen as it travels into the stomach and intestine. Biopsies can also be performed and some foreign bodies grasped and retrieved.

Otoscopy procedures are used to completely flush clean ear canals due to chronic otitis. This allows home treatment to be successful after thoroughly cleaning the canal and medication can then be applied.



 Certified veterinary technician - Maryann- performs Dental cleaning.

Dental Prophylaxis

We offer full dental cleanings and, if needed, extractions. Since the majority of dental problems occur below the gum line, our technician begins by performing full-mouth digital dental x-rays to help the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease.

Ultrasonic scaling and polishing is performed by our certified technicians. Each tooth is examined with dental instruments by the veterinarian. Flouride treatment aids in the prevention of decay.

Occasionally some teeth are able to be saved by injecting a form of antibiotic gel into the oral socket. Unfortunately some have to be extracted. Referrals are offered for decisions on root canals and other specialty dental procedures.



Edgewood Anim al Clinic has state of the art Heska lab equipment for same day results.

In-House Laboratory

The use of our in-house laboratory gives us same-day results for surgeries and helps in the rapid diagnosis of illness. Small amounts of blood drawn are used for diagnosing a variety of diseases including diabetes, kidney failure, pancreatitis, and heartworm.

The use of pre-anesthetic blood work can aid in the early detection of underlying problems. Normal parameters allow for a safer anesthetic procedure. 



Veterinary Clinic boarding for comfort and care. 

Boarding Facility

Fourteen large runs, three medium and four smaller stainless steel cages house our happy pets in our boarding/daycare area.

Felines are in a separate room with comfortable areas to lounge around and feel secure in. Large litter pans fit into each space with room for water and comfortable bedding.

Dogs are exercised outdoors twice daily under technician supervision. Fresh bedding and water are given daily.

Complimentary baths are done after seven consecutive days of boarding for dogs only.



Veterinarian Dr. Karen Morrow-Radiology Board Certified- performs ultrasounds 


Dr. Karen Morrow is a board certified veterinary radiologist that performs abdominal ultrasounds and thoracic echocardiograms at our clinic by appointment. She has been working with veterinarians in the central Florida area since 2001. A veterinary radiologist is the only board certified veterinary professional specifically trained in performing and interpreting the ultrasound exam for your pet.