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Edgewood Animal Clinic asks, "is your pet suffering from obesity?"

Exercise with your pet to stay healthy and fit!      

Now that the pet food industry is marketing better quality food, pets are eating more, too much more!!  With pet owners' busy lifestyles, there seems to be less time to take those long, brisk walks with dogs. Cats on virtual feeders are not encouraged to eat small amounts throughout the day and laze around doing not much more than rising for the next bite. The veterinary industry treats many pets for medical problems secondary or stemming from obesity and over-weight pets such as diabetes, pancreatitis, hip and leg strains, ligament tears, and early onset of arthritis from inability to exercise properly. We can literally feed our pets to death!! 

Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends Hills Prescription Diets to help reduce those calories and carbohydrates gradually and safely. A good exercise regimen helps shed those pounds even quicker and affords you quality, health driven time with your pet. There are toys to encourage cats to play more and placing food in numerous areas gives them the opportunity to "hunt" their meals and burn some calories!! We will educate you on the proper, safe way to start this healthier eating schedule and once they shed those burdensome pounds, your pet will thank-you!!