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Noise, Storm Phobia, & Separation Anxiety




Noise, Storm Phobia, & Separation Anxiety Help is Here!

Does your dog hide when thunderstorms are approaching? Head for the closet when lightening is crashing? Become destructive when left alone for periods of time? What about the terror the fireworks on the Fourth of July create? Gunfire on December 31st?  Noise and separation anxiety becomes a big issue when your dogs is destructive or panic stricken because of these situations. No amount of blankets, enclosures, comfort food, music or attention usually helps cure the panic dogs feel until removed from the source or it stops.

There are many forms of temporary remedies on the market to assist in trying to calm your pet. Thunder apparel, sound conditioning therapy CD's, and various types of medication whether natural or prescribed are different solutions depending on your pets acceptance to the different forms. Unfortunately, most of these don't work well or at all if the anxious behavior has already begun.

Once Dr. Lee has determined what level of anxiety your pet displays, recommendations will be made for behavioral therapy and / or the prescriptions designed for those phobias and fears.