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Microchips Save Lives & Re-Unite Lost Pets With Their Owners

Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends getting all dogs, cats and even birds microchipped as soon as possible. This involves a simple injection delivered the same way the yearly vaccines are given and can be performed at the same time. Birds need light sedation for this injection to be placed properly.  This encapsulated information is similar to the barcodes that are scanned on products in the store. A hand held wand typically labeled a scanner, picks up the number of the chip and, in most cases, the manufacturer of that chip also. Your information is given to those companies when you register your pet with a simple form that is provided after receiving your pet's chip. Always keep your personal information current with the microchip company.

The administration is quick and easy, given while you wait. A tiny micro-encapsulated chip, about the size of a grain of rice, is injected under the skin at the scruff of the neck and tissue adheres this in place. This service is included in all our puppy and kitten plans and available to all pets at any time with an appointment.

Many pets are lost in the hurricanes that rip through our state. This chip may save and reunite your pet if you get separated.

The company that Edgewood Animal Clinic uses is called Avid. They were the first producers of this system and are most reliable in universal scanners that locate other companies' information also. Below is a link for more information on their product we highly recommend as safe and reliable.