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Lost Pet Tips  


Losing your "fury" family member can be heart wrenching. The good news is nearly 93 percent of dogs and 75 percent of cats reported lost are returned to their homes safely. Listed below are twelve tips to help reunite you with your pet as soon as possible.

  • Report your pet lost to shelters and animal control offices within a 50 mile radius. Visit these places daily and leave a picture or complete description of your pet.
  • Call all the veterinarians in your city and give current information needed to identify your pet. Most vets have a bulletin board to post this on.
  • Reach your pet's microchip company making sure all their information is current. Inform them your pet is lost.
  • Contact as many pet recovery services as possible, such as LostMyDoggie, PetAmberAlert, PetFinder and MissingPetPartnership .coms.
  • Contact your local newspaper that may print lost pet adds, and local radio stations that might announce lost pets over the air. 
  • Print up flyers with your pet's picture and your information to post throughout your neighborhood and stores in the vicinity that allow this.
  • Drive and walk through your neighborhood daily. Have a leash or crate with you to avoid a second escape.
  • Ask neighbors to keep and eye out for your pet. Ask for permission to look under bushes and in backyards where they are possibly hiding in fear.
  • Inform everyone you know and ask them to spread the word. The more people who know the better the chances of someone spotting your pet.
  • Place food and water outside on your porch area. Pets sometimes return home when hungry. Consider a safe trap for cats that might leave again if no one is home.
  • Start all these suggestions ASAP once pet is lost. The quicker you get the word out, the better the chance of re-uniting with your pet.
  • Never give up. Many pets hide for days before venturing out in search of food or home. Continue to contact all your resources to update any information possible.

 We HIGHLY recommend microchipping your pets.  This is an inexpensive way to permanently identify your dog. Collars with ID tags can be lost or torn off on bushes. Tattoos can be altered. Microchips remain in place for the pets' lifetime and your information, kept current, is on file with the chip company to be able to re-unite your found pet with you no matter how far they travel. Veterinarians and shelters are able to scan lost pets in order to locate this chip and it's information to contact you. You never know when someone might accidentally leave open the door or gate. If your pet is not microchipped, please make an appointment to have this done as soon as your pet is returned home.