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Internal Parasite Awareness



Is your dog protected against hookworms and other internal parasites?

Edgewood Animal Clinic wants you to be educated about Hookworms that can affect your pet and you when left untreated. Hookworms are  intestinal parasites  that attach to the wall of the intestinal tract with six very sharp teeth, therefore causing blood loss. While other parasites such as Roundworms live in the stomach and feed off its contents, hookworms feed off the blood of the pet causing anemia and possibly even death especially in puppies and dogs with a large case load of worms. They are not visible in stool like other parasites. The eggs are passed through feces and can infect other animals by absorption through skin and ingested by licking feet, etc. Feces can be infectious upwards of two months. Ingestion of other rodents and even cockroaches carrying hookworms can infect your pet. Some symptoms are weight loss, blood in stool, anemia and even coughing since the worm can migrate to the pets' lungs. Humans can contract Cutaneous Larva Migrans from this worm through skin or cuts on feet, causing an itchy irritation to skin and must be treated by physicians.  Dr David Lee can detect and  treat hookworms in you pet with a  simple feces test and follow with a dewormer to rid the adult worm. Follow that up with a monthly preventative the rest of the pets life. Most heartworm preventatives have this medicine for internal parasites included to help prevent re-infection on a monthly basis.