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Edgewood Animal Clinic's Internal Medicine


Various sizes and shapes of bladder stones


Dr. David Lee stays  current on the latest medical information and treatments. Our veterinary clinic offers in-house as well as outside lab testing, radiology and ultrasound, EKG, blood pressure and endoscopy among other testing to help us diagnose and treat your pets. Having a full laboratory readily available with immediate results may be life - saving in critical emergencies. Difficult cases, at times, can be consulted by a board certified internal medicine specialist by appointment.  We also have the ability to refer to Veterinary specialists outside our area, such as Tampa or The University of Fl. in Gainesville, if the need arises. An in-house pharmacy is available to cover most medicine your pets will need to get them back to health without having to wait on mail order or drive to another outside pharmacy.

Our number one priority is a quick, while thorough and accurate diagnosis in order to assure proper quality treatment. Our technicians run weekly quality controls on all our chemistry machines to assure accurate test results. Our pharmacy is stocked with quality, current dated medicine while always trying to keep within a reasonable price structure when possible. We only use manufacturers we can depend on for safe pharmaceutical products.  Many of which have written guarantees of their products when used properly as directed and sold by a veterinary clinic.