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Hills Science & Prescription Diets and Treats


Hills Science and Prescription Diets sold regularly. Coupons accepted also.


Hills food has been our choice of quality food for many years. Their entire line of wellness foods are designed for every age and life style of the pet from puppies to seniors. 

The prescription diets are designed for specific illnesses to aid in treatment or dietary support. They are also used as maintenance diets for the lifetime of the pet. These range from dermatitis conditions, specific diseases such as kidney failure and heart disease, to obesity and weight management concerns.

Hills Sensitive Stomach is fed in our kennel. The doctor and staff's personal pets all enjoy the benefits of feeding Hills brand diets only.

New treats are formulated with the best of  trustworthy ingredients. They are designed for pets needing certain prescription diets also!

Their 100% guarantee is for any unopened cans of food or even opened bags that your pet does not like or you are not happy with for whatever reason, will be fully refunded.

For more information visit their website at: http://www.hillspet.com/