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Heartworm Disease


Is your pet protected against Heartworm Disease?


Heartworm disease is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in the Southern states of America. We have year-round, indoors and outside, mosquitoes that can cause your pet to become infected if not on heartworm preventative consistently all year long. Yearly testing for this disease is highly recommended along with once a month preventative that comes in several different forms.  

It is imperative that you keep your pet on heartworm preventative regularly to avoid contracting this deadly disease. It is much safer and cost effective to prevent this disease than have to treat it. The products are easy to give each month with or without food. They are safe and effective. The companies that sell these preventatives stand behind their products 100%, meaning if you purchase preventative from a veterinarian, NOT THE INTERNET, and have had annual testing and your pet becomes heartworm positive, they will pay for treatment.

Edgewood Animal Clinic also recommends monthly heartworm preventative for cats, especially those that go outdoors. Revolution is available as a topical application and there are several brands of monthly tablets for dog 

If your pet is not protected, please call us today to schedule a simple blood test; with results while you wait, in order to start your pet on this life saving product immediately.  It takes six months from the time a mosquito infects your dog, to be detected in the bloodstream. A secondary test will also be suggested in six months to completely rule out infection for the full year.