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Halloween Horrors


Halloween Horror Nights

Lions, Tigers, Ghouls and Goblins Galore. Scary costumes, doorbell ringing, kids yelling "Trick or Treat", bowls of yummy candy possibly dropped in the yard, all can bring out the "Horror of Halloween" to your pets.  Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends ALL black cats be kept inside for a week before and the day of Halloween. Crate your pets or place in another room with door securely closed to avoid escape artists while outside doors are being opened. Also make sure your pet is microchipped and the registration information is correct. Place candy in closed containers or completely out of reach from "interested parties"!! Check your yard the next morning for dropped or discarded candy. Our kennel is always available for a safe environment for the night or a mild sedative can be purchased for our patients that have uncontrollable terror and fears.

Click on this link from ASPCA Poison Control for other recommendations.