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Flea & Tick Control 


    Life cycle explanation for a flea.


Understand that fleas are an environmental problem and what you see on your pet is the symptom of that problem. Each flea can produce 50 to 100 eggs daily!  Successful flea and tick control consists of monthly prevention for the pet, as well as environmental control such as spraying; along with treating indoors on a regular basis. Even if your pet does not go outdoors, you can bring flea eggs in on your shoes and clothes.

The range of products for the pet is applications of topical liquids, veterinary approved collars, to oral medicine given on a monthly basis. Regular grooming and a bathing program is recommended. Continuing a preventative protocol is imperative to maintain complete protection year round.

Products for indoor and outdoor home treatments can range from powders you can apply yourself for a full years' protection, area treatment sprays or professional companies can tailor your needs.

Our staff is educated to help design the proper plan of treatment for your pet and how to safely use each product. Never use a product that is not labeled for that specific species. Canine - only products are not designed for Felines and could be detrimental to their health. Age may also be a factor in determining which products to safely use.