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Flea Control


Understanding that the flea you see on your pet IS NOT the problem!!!!

Those little bloodsuckers are evidence that your environment has a problem - not your pet. Therefore, just because you put that flea collar on, that application of insecticide, or a prescription medication by mouth DOES NOT CURE the problem. In order to successfully control those fleas, a three part treatment is necessary and preferably all at the same time. 

First is to tackle the outdoor environment your pet goes to. Even if they do not spend a lot of time outside, the first step out to the last step indoors can pick up plenty of those pesky bugs to create a nightmare inside your home. Professional or do-it-yourself does not matter as long as you use the proper chemicals in the correct dilutions and completely cover your yard, bushes and especially crawl spaces under homes, sheds, etc. Second is to wash all bedding pet uses and small area rugs. Test an area of your carpet and furniture with product chosen before using. Spray all carpet, under beds, furniture and cushions. These topical applications of pesticides  will need to be repeated in ten to fourteen days to break the life cycle of the flea and eggs. Last is to treat your pet with a good flea preventative either topically or orally. This must be repeated on a monthly basis year round.

We have all the indoor products available with a variety to choose from sprays to boric acid powders.

If all of these treatments do not take care of the problem, you may need to seek a professional exterminating company to use better chemicals and possibly have guaranteed results. Fleas can build up a resistance to insecticides used for extended periods of time, therefore switching your products may be advised. Some preventatives for your pets are only sold through licensed veterinarians.