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Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends Cerenia: Medication To Prevent Dog Vomiting Due To Motion Sickness

Does your dog love car rides but gets queasy whenever he goes in your car? And then you end up cleaning his breakfast from the back seat? Zoetis Animal Health has created Cerenia, a tablet that prevents canine vomiting from motion sickness. This FDA approved medication is recommended for dogs 16 weeks or older who have problems with motion sickness.

When an adult dog gets sick, pants or drools excessively in a moving vehicle, it is important to observe the dog to see if it?s truly motion sickness.  True motion sickness is the result of an inner ear problem. When dogs start drooling or getting queasy even before they get in the car, it may be more of an anxiety problem instead of motion sickness. A dog may be anxious if they are not used to riding in a car or has had a bad experience.

Zoetis Animal Health says that Cerenia has a success rate of up to 93%. But the medication will not treat a dog's anxiety if that is the reason they are vomiting.

Motion sickness is not well understood in dogs. A dog could be vomiting both from sickness of the inner ear and from anxiety. Motion sickness is often treated with  over-the-counter antihistamines used for people.  Some dogs may become drowsy after taking antihistamines. Also, some dogs may have mixed results with meclizine (human motion sickness medication). 

It is critical to focus on the dog's anxiety and not just the vomiting. Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends training the dog to get used to the car. Put the dog into the car (without turning it on), sit in the front seat, and give lots of compliments and a treat, then get out. Repeat this process a few times until you feel your dog is getting comfortable in the non-moving car. Gradually start turning on the car and sitting in the drive way. Then drive the car for short distances with the dog. Gradually lengthen the amount of driving time and the number of starts and stops.  Place a few favorite toys in the back seat with the dog. You might also place a piece of apparel you have worn and not washed for added comfort.  Some pets prefer the window open just be careful that is not open wide enough for the dog to jump out of!

If Cerenia sounds helpful for your dog, please call so we may further discuss your dog's needs for possible motion sickness remedies. Dr. Lee will have needed to examined your pet in the past 12 months to be able to purchase this medicine.