Edgewood Animal Clinic

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Boarding Policy & Information


All animals must be current on all required vaccinations and have a negative parasite exam within one year.  Documentation is required. This boarding policy is designed for the health, safety and comfort of your pet.

  • All animals must be free of external parasites(fleas and ticks).  If parasites are present the pet will be treated with internal as well as external prevention and the owner will be charged accordingly.
  • Please bring any medications or specific diet that your pet requires during their stay with us. We will feed Hills Science Diet Sensitive Stomach if none is provided.
  • We use our own bedding material for safety and sanitation reasons. Therefore we cannot accept any personal bedding with pet's stay.
  • Charges are based on the day of arrival, until the day of discharge.  Pets must be discharged before 2p.m. to avoid another day's charge. Pets discharged on Sunday are for the owner's convenience and a full day's charge is incurred for Sunday.
  • Please leave an emergency contact phone number below.  If an emergency occurs and the owner cannot be contacted, measures necessary to treat the animal will be taken and charged accordingly.



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