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Beware of Home Remedies

Beware - Home Remedies could Harm more than Help!

It isn't always "cheaper" to treat your pets at home with products that could end up making them very ill.  Products that are recommended by friends,the  internet or Social Media such as garlic, yeast, or essential oils for flea control could do more harm than good.  Manufacturers spend thousands of dollars in research and gain approval from the FDA to supply veterinarians and stores with safe and thoroughly tested products.  The dosage and directions for use of these products are clearly labeled and expiration dates adhered to. This is for the health and safety of each pet using the product with warning labels in case of emergency.  Human products used on animals for pain, allergies, wounds, etc, could be lethal in certain cases of overdose or allergic reactions. There are ingredients in essential oils, over-the-counter human medicines and foods that could harm your pet worse than the problem you are seeking to remedy. 

Please check with Dr. Lee or technicians before using anything not prescribed for an illness or medical problem. You could end up spending more in treatment of adverse reactions trying to save a few dollars.