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Allergy Awareness Solutions



Allergy Help is on the Way!

Oak pollen, Rain Trees, Azaleas blooming, and flea eggs hatching all bring spring misery to allergic pets.  Many animals don't display signs of allergies until two years or older. Some pets do well for years and suddenly become sensitive to plants, grasses, foods, etc.  No matter what the reason, your pet's allergies will have them scratching considerably more, licking and chewing feet and body incessantly and making themselves and you miserable.  Dr. Lee at Edgewood Animal Clinic recommends a complete physical exam to diagnose the problem and provide a solution since each pet's allergies affect them in different ways. Some will only need a short term course of topical and pharmaceutical relief to others possibly requiring blood testing and desensitizing allergy injections.  There are many new products on the market for effective and safe solutions to maintain seasonal or year round allergies. This is good news for the comfort of your pet and their quality of life.